Herandi & Emily's Wedding at The Big White Barn

I’m so excited to share a preview of Herandi & Emily's wedding at The Big White Barn in Decatur, TX! This was such a beautiful winter wedding and the perfect way to end my 2020 wedding season! I was honored to have photographed their big day.

I started the day by capturing a few of the bride and groom details. Shortly after, it was time for Emily to get into her dress, which was absolutely beautiful by the way! This is one of my favorite sweet moments of a wedding day - seeing the bride in her dress for the first time. The Big White Barn has a very rustic aesthetic with beautiful wooden stairs outside, which I thought was the perfect location to do photos of the bridal party. I love to do fun activities with the bridal party photos to help capture true, genuine emotion and laughter. For the bride and her bridesmaids, one of my favorite activities for them to do is for each bridesmaid to tell a funny story of her and the bride. This ALWAYS brings out a good laugh! With the guys, I start off by telling them to embarrass the groom as much as they can. This really gets them comfortable in front of the camera and brings out so much laughter from everyone - even the sticklers who "don't smile"!

Herandi & Emily had a simple sunset wedding on the outdoor covered patio of the venue. Herandi's reaction to Emily walking down the isle was priceless! I really enjoyed our private portrait session following the ceremony. This was my first time photographing a bride & groom on a reflective concrete floor - this produced some really cool images! Following the ceremony, the reception was FULL of fun and laughter. The dance floor was ALWAYS packed. I especially loved the mixture of Hispanic music and American music - it really provided a lot of versatility. I am a sucker for Hispanic music and it took everything I had not to jump in there with everyone and start dancing!!

Congratulations to Herandi & Emily - wishing you both a lifetime of happiness! It was a honor to be a part of your special day!

Vendor Team:

Venue: The Big White Barn

Photography: Foxbelle Photography

Florist: A Cottage Florist & Gifts

Hair Stylist: Aly Reynolds

Makeup Artist: Miriah Posey

DJ/Music: Acoustic Productions

Bartender(s): Alpha Bar Co.

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