about Kaitlin...

Creating memories today that will wow you tomorrow. 

Aside from being a wedding photographer, I very much enjoy spending time with my husband, family and friends, laughing endlessly with my favorite people, trying new restaurants, shopping for all things Farmhouse, watching my favorite show on Hulu (which is Reba; I swear I've seen every episode 1,000 times!), and daydreaming about all of the adventures that await!

I am based out of west Texas in the small town of Seminole living life to the fullest with my wonderful husband and our sweet fur babies.

I've been a wedding photographer since 2017 and I feel so blessed to be able to live my dream, and it's all because of wonderful couples like you! It's been such a privilege to travel all over Texas to capture some of the most sweetest moments. I absolutely love that my job allows for me to be a part of wonderful, special moments, and allows for me to connect with so many incredible couples! 

Things to know about Kaitlin:

* I love people! I truly believe my "people-personess" is one thing that significantly sets me a part from other photographers. I love to build relationships with others, and connecting with my clients is a HUGE thing for me. 

* I LOVE to laugh. I can't express how much I truly enjoy laughing, feeling joy, and giving that same feeling to others. Life is too short not to enjoy. 

* I am a sucker for all things Farmhouse. I love decorating my house with farmhouse decor. My style of imagery reflects a farmhouse feel, in a way. To me, farmhouse embodies light and airy, crisp white tones, and I love for my work to have these qualities. 


* I believe in the ripple effect of kindness. You never know the struggles that someone else is facing, so always remember to be kind. 


* My absolute favorite show is Reba! I literally watch this show every freaking day!!